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     Novemember 27, 2003 - Thanksgiving Day!

keli has had a nasty virus for the past several days, so I have been unable to use the ol' computer much lately. But I managed to make a few changes this morning.

I've had a little more time than usual to read lately, so I'm up to the fourth Myth book (Hit ot Myth).

One of the funniest things about these books is the "quotes" at the beginning of each chapter.

"Attention to detail is the watchwod for gathering information
from an unsuspecting witness."
--Insp. Clouseau

"In times of crisis, it is of utmost importance not to lose
one's head."
-- M. Antoinette

"One of the joys of traveling is visiting new towns amd meeting
new people."
-- G. Khan

"By perservering over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly
arrive at his chosen goal or destination."
-- C. Columbus

We went and saw Elf. It was better than I expected. Zooey Deschanel has an amazing voice.

And now it's time to go eat turkey!!

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